Building a Better World:
Today Challenges and Preparing for Tomorrow
Online Course: May 11-20 
It is clear that the world after the virus will never be the same again; three major issues will become priorities in our new lives:
- the need to review the global economic system;
- the need to rethink the approach to the global ecosystem and climate change;
- the need to reaffirm the fundamental human rights.

We won’t know whether the upcoming scenario would be either positive or negative, nevertheless it is crucial to start to think about our life after the virus.

From the need to find answer to crucial questions on future economic and social issues was born the idea of an online course that addresses
the main directions of change and proposes a vision of the current state of the art trying to glimpse what, how and how much our world will change.

The online course so will have also the objective to diffuse the basic knowledge about the social business, involving students, professors and entrepreneurs potentially interested to the diffusion of the social business
methodology using the IT.

The course, articulated in 4 seminars during May 2020 involves the experts of the Yunus Centre of Dhaka, proposing the social business as a possible new approach for the economy in the world after the coronavirus according with the last documents of the Prof. Muhammad Yunus.
Full Program (PDF)